new interview at 32 Poems

The poet Emilia Phillips  interviewed me for 32 Poems. You can read the interview here. I’m very thankful for the time she took with me — this interview was conducted over a few months, even over holidays, which just goes to show how hard working she is. There’s an art to an interview that I think is easily overlooked — it’s common to get boilerplate questions that show no real familiarity with one’s work — but Emilia’s questions were unique and also challenging for me — the best kind!

like a fearsome plague, awp loometh

I’ll be at AWP this year, helping out at the BullCity Press table, so stop by and say hello!

I’m also doing two offsite readings:

Yes Yes Books/Sixth Finch (FB event here):

Saturday, March 1, 2014, at 6 pm with:

Tyler Brewington
Aricka Foreman
Sarah Bartlett
Nick Gulig
Anne Cecelia Holmes
Wesley Rothman
Kelly Schirmann
Roberto Montes
Danez Smith

It’s at the Vermillion Art Gallery and Bar, 1508 11th Ave. Seattle WA

The other one is for Inknode — their 5 year anniversary! It’s on Friday, 2/28/2014, at 10:00. pm.

Here’s their FB event and description:

Ink Node, a Seattle-founded online poetry journal, celebrates a million pageviews and 5 years of stigmergy at Left Bank Books with Mathias Svalina, Rebecca Hazelton, Dena Rash Guzman, Seth Abramson, Kevin Sampsell, Kate Lebo, Sara Guest, Sara Mumolo, Emily Pettit, Jaimie Gusman, & Evan Nagle. Join us Friday night for liquor, snacks, & poetic rapport.

It will be at the Left Bank Books Collective on 92 Pike Street. Seattle WA

toot toot!

That’s my horn. I’m honking it.

You can read my Valentine to Hailey Leithauser’s first book of poetry, Swoop, here at the LA Review of books, along with other great poets showcasing other great books!


new book to read by Valerie Wetlaufer: Mysterious Acts By My People

One of the cool things about getting a degree in writing is that you meet awesome writers and then eventually you get to read their books when they come out! Today I am pleased to hold in my hands the first book of one Valerie Wetlaufer, who I met at FSU while I was getting my PhD and she was getting her MFA. I can’t wait to read it!

me, pullo, and Valerie Wetlaufer's debut, Mysterious Acts By My people

me, pullo, and Valerie Wetlaufer’s debut, Mysterious Acts By My people

Pullo looks skeptical, but don’t let that bear on your thoughts about the worth of this book. That’s just Pullo’s face.

things! small happenings!

I’ve been deadly dull, I have to say, and what news I do have is secret, even to me. But! I have had a nice little period of productivity the past few days, and I’ve knocked out some things that have been over my head.

  • mailed out copies of Bad Star to my blurbers, Alison Benis White and Katy Didden. It’s nice to say thank you for someone spending time with my work.
  • mailed out a terrible form for FSU, because FSU forces its creative writers to fill out paperwork to keep their dissertations (aka my first book) offline. I love you FSU, but do reconsider this policy
  • mailed out a requested review copy of Fair Copy that I somehow forgot to send out ages ago
  • some thank you cards (Crane Stationary, you are my fave)
  • I completed an NEA application. These are famously terrible applications. The NEA suggests you give yourself at least ten days to complete it, if that tells you anything. My experience was reasonably painless, once I realized I couldn’t use my Chrome browser and have it recognize my copy of Adobe Reader. Then, smooth sailing. Mostly.
  • read through a manuscript I’m blurbing
  • knocked out the last of the chapbook submissions assigned to me by Bull City Press. I love screening for contests — it’s always great to see what kind of work is out there
  • did a radio interview with a student from Montclair University, which was really fun.
  • requested a replacement power cord for my under warranty MacBook Pro. I know that doesn’t sound like much of an accomplishment, but I hate dealing with that sort of thing. It wasn’t a thing, though.

So, that’s all something, which is nice. There are some larger projects I’ve made no progress on whatsoever, but now I suppose I no longer have these smaller things clouding the horizon. Which is to say, I can better see my own lazy. Sigh.

I have some big news coming up that I can’t wait to share, but you must be patient! By you, I mean me.